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Perfección y búsqueda de la belleza

We have always believed that exceeding our customers’ expectations makes each project even more extraordinary. For this reason, we have made the search for perfection our mission, working every day on marble of the highest quality and with the same passion and skill that would put the soul of an artist into conceiving his work. But what made us even more meticulous in our production was the desire to spread beauty and ensure that each of our projects carried an aesthetic and quality imprint like few in the world. You recognize Evola marbles by watching them and throw the touch for their uniqueness of matter. A plus that has allowed us to spread them not only in Italy but also abroad, expanding our passion for art and culture more and more. Today we are recognized as one of the most important producers and exporters of Sicilian marbles of great value. We are working hard to ensure that the art of our trade continues to walk even more vigorously, to touch your emotional chords, wherever you are in the world.

from cutting plates to smoothing

Interventions of high precision

In this long phase of the process, the frame cuts the block into slabs of the chosen thickness. Once the plates are obtained, they are subjected to a process of ruination and insertion in the furnaces, in order to make the Perlato more resistant. Following is the smoothing in relation to the available finishes. From the slabs, we also select the quality of the Perlato and, with the bridge cutter, we cut bricks, stairs and concrete in various sizes.




Interior and exeterior

Realized projects


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